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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I receive laser treatments if I'm undergoing medical treatment from physician?

No, only if you get a release from your doctor stating that you can receive laser
treatments while under the doctor's care.

2. How often can I get oxygen therapy?

Once a month

3. Can I put relaxers on while undergoing treatment?

Yes, but only once Tammy has evaluated your hair and she gives you approval.


4. Can children receive laser treatments?

No, but there are other avenues of treatment that we can take

5. What is Needlessmeso Therapy?

A method of healing that aims to prevent hair loss in men and women, increases
the density of hair formation and provides options to prevent spreading and
opening. It’s a process that regulates proteins vitamins and other nutrients in the

6. Should I go see a dermatologist before coming in to see Tammy?

Well, that depends on what kind of problems you are suffering from if the problem
is minimal then, no you don’t have to. But if you hare having some major issues then yes
you should see the dermatologist to get a diagnosis before coming into the salon thing share
this information with your trichologist along with bringing in the paperwork that you
received from the dermatologist. So that way she can set up an accurate treatment plan for

7. Can I come in for just treatment and keep my regular stylist?

Yes, of course yu can we do offer just hair loss treatments.

8. Can you do laser therapy while pregnant?

No, you cannot receive laser therapy while pregnant

9. If I must stop laser treatments for a while and I signed up for the package how does that work?

When you are ready to start back with your treatments, we will start you back up
and complete your treatment time.

10. How long is the treatment process?

If you are receiving laser therapy treatment you are expected to complete at least 6

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