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Mustard Faith
How to Trust God's Healing Power Through Life's Toughest Battles

Discover the Path to Miraculous Healing and Unwavering Faith


Are you struggling with physical ailments and the emotional turmoil that follows? Do you feel your faith wavering under the weight of life’s toughest battles? You’re not alone. In "Mustard Faith: How to Trust God's Healing Power Through Life's Toughest Battles," Tammy shares her incredible journey of overcoming a benign brain tumor and stage 1 colon cancer through the power of faith and divine intervention. This book is your guide to rediscovering hope, building unwavering faith, and experiencing miraculous healing just as Tammy did.

What You’ll Learn:

Chapter 1: Get Closer and Surrender to God

•           Feed Your Spirit Man: Learn how to nurture your spirit with daily spiritual practices.

•           Build a Strong Prayer Life: Discover the power of consistent and heartfelt prayer.

•           Allow Him to Speak to You: Open your heart to hear God’s voice in your daily life.

•           Study Scriptures: Find comfort and strength in scriptures that resonate with your personal journey.

Chapter 2: Journal About the Journey

•           Understand the therapeutic benefits of journaling your thoughts, fears, and triumphs.

•           Create a personal record of God’s work in your life.

Chapter 3: Clear Your Heart for Forgiveness

•           Learn the importance of forgiveness in the healing process.

•           Free yourself from past hurts and open your heart to God’s healing.

Chapter 4: Believe for What You Expect

•           Strengthen your faith and expect miracles.

•           Understand the power of positive expectation and belief.

Chapter 5: Gather Your Core Group to Stand in Agreement with You

•           The power of community prayer and support.

•           Find and nurture relationships with those who will stand in faith with you.

Chapter 6: Fast to Make Sure You Hear Clearly

•           Discover the spiritual discipline of fasting.

•           Use fasting to gain clarity and deepen your connection with God.

Chapter 7: Follow the Doctors' Orders

•           Balance faith and practical medical advice.

•           Trust God and follow the wisdom of healthcare professionals.

Chapter 8: Keep Your Mind Clear and Share with a Close Friend or Counselor

•           The importance of mental health in your healing journey.

•           Seek support from trusted friends and counselors.

Chapter 9: Block and Remove All Negativity

•           Create a positive environment for your healing.

•           Learn how to remove negative influences and focus on God’s promises.

Experience Your Own Miracle

Tammy’s story is a testament to God’s healing power and faithfulness. "Mustard Faith" is not just a book; it’s a practical guide filled with step-by-step instructions to help you on your journey to healing and unwavering faith.

For just $19.99, embark on a transformative journey that will not only heal your body but also restore your soul.


Get Your Copy Today and Start Your Journey to Miraculous Healing!



Join Tammy and countless others who have experienced the miraculous power of faith. Trust in God’s healing power and discover the peace and joy that comes from living with "Mustard Faith."

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